2021 Main Program Overview

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In 2017, 4.5 percent (11.2 million) of Americans 18 years or older had a serious mental illness (SMI) and 6.8 to 11.5 percent of children and youth had a serious emotional disturbance (SED). Individuals with SMI often have multiple mental disorders, co-occurring substance use disorders, have a substantially elevated risk for suicide, and are at increased risk for homelessness and involvement with the criminal justice system. Acerbating this for certain segments of the population are racial discrimination and social exclusion; adverse early life experiences; poor education; unemployment, underemployment, and job insecurity; poverty, income inequality, and neighborhood deprivation; poor access to sufficient healthy food; poor housing quality and housing instability; and poor access to health care.

Mounting evidence indicates that early recognition and treatment of behavioral health disorders can prevent complications, improve quality of life, and help reduce health care costs. Yet only a fraction of individuals with these disorders receive the evidence-based care they need. Practitioners and all health care professionals need to understand not only how to prevent or treat disorders and to aid in recovery, while ensuring they are meeting the needs of patients and clients in an equitable manner.

The Institute will provide educational and training needs for multiple state agencies, private providers, clinicians, caregivers and other relevant stakeholders with a vested interest in addressing the intellectual, mental and behavioral health needs of the state.  Sessions will promote individual, program, and system-level approaches that foster health, resilience and recovery; increase permanent housing, employment, education, and other necessary supports; and reduce barriers to equity and inclusion.

The 2021 Institute Schedule At a Glance 

Tuesday, August 17, 2021
8:30-10:15 am                 Opening Session
10:15-10:30 am              Break
10:30 am-12 pm             Concurrent Sessions
12-1:15 pm                      Lunch Break
1:15-2:15 pm                   Concurrent Sessions
2:15-2:30 pm                   Break
2:30-3:30 pm                   Keynote
3:30-3:45 pm                   Break
3:45-4:45 pm                   Keynote
4:45-5 pm                         Day One Wrap Up

Wednesday, August 18, 2021
8:30-9:30 am                   Concurrent Sessions
9:30-9:45 am                   Break
9:45-11:15 am                 Concurrent Sessions
11:15-11:30 am              Break
11:30 am-12:30 pm       Concurrent Sessions
12:30-1:45 pm                 Lunch Break
1:45-3 pm                         Concurrent Sessions
3-3:15 pm                         Break
3:15-4:45 pm                   Concurrent Sessions

Thursday, August 19, 2021
8:30-9:30 am                   Concurrent Sessions
9:30-9:45 am                   Break
9:45-10:45 am                 Concurrent Sessions
10:45-11 am                    Break
11 am-12:30 pm             Six Concurrent Sessions
12:30-1:45 pm                 Lunch Break
1:45-3:15 pm                   Concurrent Sessions
3:15-3:30 pm                   Break
3:30-5 pm                         Closing Keynote